911 Meals

911 Meals are *healthy* emergency meals. You know, when it’s 6pm and everyone is hungry and staring at you as if you carry cheeseburgers in your pocket and you realize you forgot to plan dinner. You don’t want grilled cheese, tuna, or spaghetti again, and getting fast food or takeout isn’t healthy or economic. That’s when you use a 911 meal. They’ll never know how very unprepared you really are. 911 meals do, however, assume you have some basic staples in your pantry and fridge, such as pasta, rice, and frozen veggies. And if you’re lucky, maybe even some fajita strips, frozen shrimp, or sausage.

Pasta with protein and veggie

Orzo with shrimp

Ground Beef or Turkey with Rice

Keep checking back for recipes! There will be plenty more added.


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