Who: Moms who want to get out of the house, have an adult conversation, some coffee, and carbs and fruit.

What: A (mostly) child-free time of fellowship

When: September – June, Fridays 9:30-12, summer months at local parks (and don’t let the 9:30am start time fool you–we are a relaxed environment and almost everyone walks in late! After all, who can get the kids out the door on time?)

Where: First Pres Berkeley, 2407 Dana St., Geneva Hall Room 202. If you’re a first-timer, please email us for a more detailed description of where to go. We’ll even meet you in the parking garage if you want. No need to walk around confused, wondering if you’ve found the right place or not!

Why: Fellowship, support, community, laughter, food, and coffee. And there’s childcare.


Parking is free! There’s an underground parking lot right on Channing. If you have a parking sticker, then you already know the drill. If you don’t have a parking sticker, go to reception and sign your car in and you won’t have to pay for parking. Just remember to write down your license plate number before heading to reception because you’ll need to know that! Take the elevator to the first floor, and you’ll find the reception desk and sign-in book.


Free co-op run childcare is available!

The Book

What if I haven’t read it? That’s okay. We mostly talk about other stuff anyway.

Is this a book group or a moms group? It’s a moms group, and we also read two book per year. Sometimes we talk about the book and sometimes we don’t, but we always learn something in the process of talking to each other.


Do I have to attend First Pres to go to MC? Nope.

Do I have to be a Christian to go to MC? Nope.

All moms are welcome, and we hope you’ll join us.

For First-Timers

We all know how awkward it can feel to be try out something new. Please know that there’s no need to feel that with us! You are accepted and welcome just as you are, whether you’re late, on no sleep, or still wearing your pajamas because really, who can get everyone fed and out the door and still remember to put on jeans? If you come to a First Friday Potluck, don’t worry about bringing anything. It’s all good!

Pictures of your leadership team are under “Leadership.” Check those out and when you arrive you’ll have a friendly face to walk up to and a table to sit at. Junior High is over — hooray!


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